Sunday, 22 April 2012

Science Connection with the Article

The article, “Unnatural Selection: is Evolving Reproductive Technology Ushering in a New Age of Eugenics” by Carolyn Abraham talks about the ability science is providing to alter and enhance the genes of the embryo for the benefit of the person. Humanity is striving for perfection and this new discovery has made our society that much more closer to accomplishing it. Scientists have found ways to analyze the embryo’s genes to predict the appearance and lifestyle of the kid. There is now a new approach to baby making offering people the opportunity and power to pick and preview the genetic traits of their offspring. There is the potential to banish the genes that kill us like cancer genes and heart disease genes to improve the health of the person however there is also the ability to alter the appearance genes of a person, for example the genes that correspond to the height, hair colour, skin colour and eye colour of a person.
Science can be a very beneficial tool however in cases like the one above, science is being taken advantage of. Altering genetic information is destroying the beauty of nature and nature’s way of creating life. People will be more artificial than natural which defeats the whole purpose of natural birth.
The book Frankenstein was a perfect example on how science is being taken advantage of and causing more problems than succession. Victor Frankenstein had the desire to create life unnaturally without researching or knowing the effects of the creation. His creation ended up being a disaster and causing many problems within the city. Victor had no reason to create life other than to fulfil his own passion therefore there was no gain out of the whole experiment. In conclusion, science has gone way to far, taking away all what is natural in life and replacing it with artificial elements.

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