Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Process of my Experiment

My Frog Experiment

I was in the university one night experimenting with frogs when something extraordinary occurred. While I was cutting a frog’s leg for an experiment, my steel scalpel (blade) touched the brass hook that was holding the frog’s leg in place. I saw the frog’s leg twitch with my own eyes; it was incredible. This observation intrigued and inspired me to do further experiments. I then took an electrostatic machine which is a device that produces sparks and a Leyden jar which is a device used to store static electricity to help prove my observation of the frog’s leg that twitched. I carried out a wide ranging series of experiments and discovered that there were convulsive movements of the frog when two metals were in contact with each other, while one metal was touching a nerve of the frog and the other metal was touching a muscle of the frog. I came to a conclusion that the electricity was inherent in the animal itself, what I like to call animal electricity.

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