Sunday, 22 April 2012

My Connection with Frankenstein

Frankenstein Book Cover
I just recently read the book Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and noticed that a lot of my discoveries and theories of electricity were represented in the story. Victor Frankenstein was 15 at the time when he experienced a violent and wicked thunderstorm. He seemed to be very curious about the whole subject and was astonished when he witnessed a massive oak tree get struck by lightning. He described the oak tree as disappearing since there was nothing that remained other than a gigantic tree stump. Frankenstein made a very good connection and first thought about me and my experiences and experiments with electricity. He took his exposure to lightning as an inspiration towards science and decided to pursue it in his studies. He became very passionate about science and had the urge to create life. He took old body parts from cemeteries and wanted to assemble them together to create life. His method of creating life was again using electricity to strike the body and the internal parts to bring them to life. I am very honoured in a way to see my discoveries about electricity being used within the lives of others and I am happy to see that I am remembered as a scientist who studied the connection between electricity and living organisms. I am proud to see that my past has inspired people to pursue in the studies of science and witness such incredible things.

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